For centuries, Peru has been renowned around the world for producing incredibly beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting clothing. Native to Peru, a very special type of cotton is grown and harvested. The name of these extraordinary cotton fibers is Pima and it is superior in several ways when compared to traditional cotton. It is more durable due to its characteristic of being an extra-long staple cotton, giving each cotton fiber added strength and resiliency. Pima Cotton fibers are also ultra-fine, giving the cotton a softer, more comfortable feel. This is why all the clothing we offer is created in Peru. We firmly believe that developing and creating the highest quality clothing helps reduce the impact on the environment as the life-span of each piece of clothing is significantly increased.
The manufacturing facility in Peru that we work with has certification with The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is a non-profit organization that ensures the products they independently certify are sourced from a sustainably managed forest. They also ensure the supply chains utilizing those forest products are environmentally conscious with their practices.
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